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Step by step I'll teach you all my inside secrets that I've learned over the last 8 years. Even if you don't consider yourself tech-savvy.

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Software Options

I use iMovie, Canva, and YouTube to teach this course, however the skills are transferrable to your favorite software programs!

10 minutes per day!

This entire course is 4+ hours. You can become a skilled Video Editor in less than 30 days with ONLY 10 minutes per day!

Now is the perfect time to venture into the world of video filming and editing, even if you have no prior experience.


In the current era dominated by platforms like YouTube and TikTok, staying ahead of the curve and engaging with your audience is essential.


For business owners, leveraging videos in your marketing strategies is a must!


Regardless of your line of work, if you sell something, videos are indispensable!

This course condenses 8+ years of video editing experience into just a few hours. 


Get Ready to Master the Ins and Outs of Video Editing in only 10 minutes a day!



This course includes 30 lessons with 2 surprise BONUS trainings!


The lesson topics include: 

  1. Class outline & what to expect
  2. Why videos are important today
  3. My background in video editing
  4. The process of recording and filming
  5. iMovie at a glance
  6. What I like to call "puzzle pieces" 
  7. Loading footage into the timeline
  8. Cropping and zooming
  9. Adding text in the intro
  10. Cutting, transitions, and arrangements
  11. Adding pictures into the timeline
  12. Plain screen colors and how to use them
  13. Color overlays and filters
  14. What is B Roll?
  15. How to detach audio for B Roll and matching the footage
  16. How to make an outro
  17. How to add an outro
  18. Where to find background music
  19. How to add background music
  20. Sound effects and how to add them
  21. Adding voiceovers
  22. Adding different kinds of audio with the Voice Memo app
  23. Preview and editing during the preview
  24. Thumbnails and how to make them in Canva
  25. Saving and exporting your video
  26. Uploading to YouTube
  27. Saving to a Cloud or Google Drive
  28. Sharing your videos with family and friends
  29. The meaning of videos and memories made
  30. Conclusion: be yourself, hang ups, and how to edit footage that is not your own

Plus TWO Surprise BONUS Trainings! 


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Retail Price: $1,050.00 | Save 81%

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Yes! I’m ready to edit my own videos!

In 2015, I began my personal journey in video editing, mastering two different video editing software programs via self-teaching! Now, with my unique insights and techniques, I'm thrilled to assist you in starting your own video editing journey.

My goal is to unlock your full video editing potential. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to refine your existing skills, I'm here to provide expert guidance.

Together, we'll embark on this thrilling video editing adventure and breathe life into your creative visions.

I'm eager for you to enroll in the class and witness your video editing aspirations come to fruition!

Are you passionate about bringing your creative visions to life through captivating videos? If so, I want to share with you the transformative power of learning to edit your own videos!


Imagine having complete control over the narrative, pacing, and emotions conveyed in your videos. Learning video editing empowers you to craft a unique identity for your work, setting yourself apart as a visionary storyteller.


In the digital age, where visual content dominates social media and online platforms, video editing allows you to share your passion with the world. From YouTube channels to Instagram stories, your creations can inspire, entertain, and touch the lives of countless viewers.


Yes, the learning curve may seem intimidating at first, but rest assured, Casey’s class will help you master the art of video editing.


Let your creativity run wild, and embrace the art of video editing. Unleash your potential, and watch as your videos become a powerful medium of expression, captivating audiences, and leaving a lasting impact.


Remember, the only limit is your imagination. Start your journey today, and discover the immense joy and fulfillment that awaits you in the world of video editing.


Happy Editing!


Yes, I’m ready to edit my own videos!

To Help You Succeed as a NEW Video Editor, You’ll Also Receive These FREE Gifts!


To ensure you’re prepared to hit the ground running as a video editor, I’m going to include these FREE gifts when you sign up for the class today!

FREE Gift #1

PDF versions of each lesson so you can read the text portion along with the videos.


Value: $297

FREE Gift #2

Practice footage for you to download and use in your own software program. 


Value: $197

Retail Price: $1,050.00 | Save 81%

Just $197 Today

or 4 payments of $49

Yes! I'm read to edit my own videos

Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect from this course?


The lessons are simple and easy to follow.  I’m a teacher at heart and I also love video editing! Since my skills were completely self-taught, these lessons are from my point of view. I’ll be teaching you the tips and tricks I wish I had known when I started back in 2015.  I’m wouldn't consider myself a super techy person, but I enjoy making the learning process fun!


What do I get with this course?


VIDEO TRAINING with Casey Slate: The Video Editing Made Easy course is available immediately after your purchase in a private members area to watch at your convenience.

PRINTABLE PDF’s OF EACH LESSON: You'll get a PDF version of each lesson so you can read it in a text format. 

Because you are getting instant access, you can watch all the training all at once or over several days/weeks. Go at your own pace! You can also track your progress as you go.


What software programs do you use with this course?


I'll be using iMovie, Canva, and YouTube to teach the lessons.  The video editing skills you learn can be transferrable to other editing software programs.


Do you have a money back guarantee?


Rest assured! As a dedicated course creator, I firmly believe that if you don't achieve exceptional results from enrolling in any of my courses, you have the option to request a FULL refund within the initial 30 days.

For any inquiries or assistance, please feel free to contact my team at [email protected].


Why is the price so low?


Simply put, it's a combination of my generosity and passion for helping other content creators. Normally, a course like this could easily be valued at $2,090, but for now, I'm offering it at this exceptionally low price. 

However, please be aware that once our initial group of students completes the course, the price is likely to increase and may not be this low again.


Is this course suitable for me?


If you wish to acquire efficient video editing skills, either for your own projects, or potential clients, this course is for you!

If you have videos, but feel unsure about how to make the most of them, this course is a perfect fit for you!

Even if you're not particularly tech-savvy and require clear, straightforward instructions to navigate the world of video editing, you'll find this course is precisely designed with you in mind.


Okay, so when I sign up, what's next?


When you click the button below, you'll be able to sign up on the next screen.

After signing up, you'll get instant access to all of Casey’s lessons in video and PDF format so you can start editing videos immediately! 

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Here’s a Recap of EVERYTHING You’ll Receive When You Sign-Up for Casey's Video Editing Class Today!


30 on-demand video lessons with Casey Slate  ~  Value $1,050

30 PDF versions of each video lesson  ~  Value $297                 

FREE practice footage for you to edit your first video!  ~  Value $197

Exclusive access to Casey’s Facebook community ~ Value $49

Lifetime access to the course!  ~  Value $497

Certificate of Completion!  ~  Value FREE                                                            


Total Value: $2,090

Retail Price: $1,050.00 | Save 81%

Just $197 Today!

or 4 payments of $49

Yes, I’m ready to edit my own videos!

As you hone your skills, you'll find yourself equipped to collaborate with others, whether it's for personal projects, freelance gigs, or even career opportunities in the vast world of media and entertainment.


Not only does video editing provide an avenue for self-expression, but it also opens doors to numerous opportunities...


  • Creative Expression: Video editing allows you to unleash your creativity and artistic vision, transforming raw footage into compelling stories that resonate with audiences.
  • Freelance Work: As a video editor, you can choose to work independently and take on freelance projects, providing you with the flexibility to work on various assignments and collaborate with different clients.
  • Career in Media and Entertainment: Video editing skills are highly sought after in the media and entertainment industry, offering opportunities to work in film, television, advertising, and online content creation.
  • Content Creation for Social Media: With the rise of social media platforms, businesses and individuals seek skilled video editors to create engaging content for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other channels.
  • Documentary Filmmaking: Video editors play a crucial role in documentary filmmaking, where they craft powerful narratives that shed light on real-life issues and stories.
  • Corporate Video Production: Many companies require promotional videos, training materials, and internal communications, creating a demand for skilled video editors in the corporate sector.
  • Educational and E-Learning Content: Video editors contribute to the development of educational videos and e-learning courses, helping learners grasp complex concepts through visual storytelling.
  • Wedding and Event Videography: The wedding and event industry often seeks video editors to create beautiful and memorable videos for couples and clients.
  • Music Videos and Visual Effects: Video editors work on music videos, collaborating with artists and incorporating visual effects to enhance the overall experience.
  • Film and Video Restoration: Skilled video editors have the opportunity to restore old and damaged films, preserving cinematic history for future generations.


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